Antistatic filter bags Indonesia

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A use of conventional filter media filter bags is having constraints considering stringent pollution control norms, day by day. IFF proactively planned to meet these challenges and set up world-class membrane lamination plant Antistatic filter bags Indonesia. We provide PTFE Membrane Lamination Saudi Arabia as well as PTFE Membrane Lamination Egypt. IFF has decided to change the total scenario by replacing conventional felt media by membrane laminated filter bags.
Our power-packed set of machinery performs their level best when it comes to processing fiber types, fiber deniers and fabric weights ranging even upto 850 gsm. We provide different surface treatments such as singeing, calendering, glazing. Advanced chemical treatment facilities assist us in an enhancement of fabric properties with the help of oil and water repellency, flame retardancy, silicone finish, spark blocker finish etc. Expertise in a lamination of various membranes/films to the needle-punched fabrics distinguishes IFF Nonwovens from other manufacturers.

Therefore our products like Non-woven technical felt for Industrial Filtration in Saudi Arabia stand out from the crowd.
here is a greater risk of explosion caused by a spark during the process of filtration of flammable and explosive powders. There is a chance of building up of static charges on the dust cake and filter media which may result in a severe explosion.