Manufacturing Facility

IFF Group has manufacturing Facilities in India and South Africa with machineries from world’s leading specialist in nonwoven equipment. Our State of the art manufacturing faculties in India and South Africa are equipped to produce from raw material to finished goods all under one roof.IFF Group is continuously adopting new technologies and expanding its production facilities with time. We have various machines from needle punch machines for Felts to hi-tech bag sewing machines which have delivered quality products with best accuracy.

INFRASTRUCTURE, Leading Industrial Filtration Solution Provider
INFRASTRUCTURE, Leading Industrial Filtration Solution Provider

Finishes & Treatments

We offer different surface treatments such as singeing, calendaring, glazing. Advanced chemical treatment facilities assist us in an enhancement of fabric properties with the help of oil and water repellence, flame retardant, silicone finish, spark blocker finish etc. Expertise in a lamination of various membranes/films to the needle-punched fabrics distinguishes IFF Nonwovens from other manufacturers. Therefore our products stand out of the crowd and offer durable and reliable filtration solutions.

Mechanical Finishes

Heat Set

Chemical Finishes

Liquid Repellant Treatment
Spark Blocker & Fire retardant
PTFE impregnation
Acid Resistant Finish

Umatched R&D Faciltiy

At IFF – Research & Development facility is another step towards future filtration needs of the industry. IFF Group is committed to asses, foresee and develop the new range of products which will be suitable and comply the future industry demands. We are determined to set new benchmark and standards in the field of environmental filtration solutions.

INFRASTRUCTURE, Leading Industrial Filtration Solution Provider