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TECHNICAL SERVICES, Leading Industrial Filtration Solution Provider

Correct media selection involves time but results in a long and healthy bag life, unmatched bag performance, less maintenance and no environmental hazards. Proper media selection involves a deep understanding of the actual process parameters which require information about how different filter media designs perform in different and as well as worst duty conditions.

Therefore, it is a crucial task to choose the correct filter media. But how do we do this?

IFF chooses to execute the filter media selection process through the proper guidance of media selection experts, who with their deep experience and vast industry knowledge match the process conditions with the strength of available fabrics and media. Few points to be considered while selecting filter media are:

• Temperature – Do your bags need to withstand extreme / surge temperatures?
• Product Dust – What are you filtering?
• Chemistry – Can your bags withstand the chemical (acid / alkaline) attack of the dust particles?
• Resistance – Is the filter media able to resist the wear and tear of the dust particles?
• Emission – What is your particle size distribution & what emission you will require?

Consulting with filtration professionals would be a better choice when it comes to media selection.

You can count on us for right media selection for we will live up to your expectations in a better way.

Fluorescent powder leak detection test is conducted to detect, dust leaks, cracks, tears or holes within the Baghouse system.

This is carried out by the use of Fluorescent powder, a non-toxic tracer which is reactant to ultra-violet rays. This leak detection system effectively and easily pinpoints leaks in bags and eliminates the need for time-consuming each & every bag checking.

This inspection is carried out using a ultra-violet lamp in full darkness as any kind of light interference could create hindrances in the inspection process.

TECHNICAL SERVICES, Leading Industrial Filtration Solution Provider

TECHNICAL SERVICES, Leading Industrial Filtration Solution Provider

A comprehensive and rigorous set of testing procedures and reporting structure, carried out according to the DIN standard. Can be used to find out the reasons for premature failure or to determine residual bag life.

The following tests are performed :-

• Visual Inspection
• Permeability
• Mullen Burst
• Tensile Strength
• Fabric Weight
• Microscopic Analysis
• Spectroscopic Analysis (FTIR)
• Particle Size Distribution & Analysis
• Test Reports & Conclusion

IFF also assists the customers by providing Failed Bag Analysis services for other bag makers & their products, on nominal testing charges.

During bag house operations customer faces various issues which may destabilize the filtration efficiency of bag house and thus affecting the process. In order things work smoothly for customers, IFF offers Performance Analysis and On-site services with a team of expert having a combined experience of more than 50 years in air filtration. Our team is experienced in performance analysis and troubleshooting things like

• Bag failure issues
• High Differential Pressure issues
• Higher emission issues
• Bag testing for root cause analysis
• Fine tuning of bag house operations
• Improving bag house parameters to its optimum performance.

We offer on-site service where our experts visit the site and thoroughly investigate for errors to make sure they understand the root cause of problems and help derive solution for hassle free operations.

TECHNICAL SERVICES, Leading Industrial Filtration Solution Provider

TECHNICAL SERVICES, Leading Industrial Filtration Solution Provider

When it comes to serving the customers, we never look back. Instead, we move ahead to surpass customer’s expectations and surprise them with our unique and prompt on-site services. Mobile repairing van is one of those facilities. Especially designed service for all filter bag users, but mainly the glass bag users, we present them an exclusive on site stitching facility of those bags which are having small pin holes of 3 to 10 mm or bags stitches open cases. Our mobile repairing unit identifies and serves the customers across India and offers them trouble-free maintenance and servicing of glass bags with once again full efficiency & 100 % re-use condition.

We are at your service 24×7 on 365 days.