Pulse Jet Filter Bags

Filter Media Polyester Polypropylene Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Mixed Felt
Meta Aramid (Nomex) Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS)
Polyimide-P84 100% PTFE Woven Glass Fabric
Top Ring TypesSnap Band Ring Type Collar Type Plain open mount
Vertical Seam Welded Stitched
Temperature range Up to 260°C / 500°F
Other Option Anti-Static
Finishes Oil & Water Repellent Fire Retardant Flame Resistant Silicon
Graphite Teflon
Industries Cement Steel & Ferrous Metal Power Plants Chemical
Pharma Paint Food Paper Other Industries
All Products are also available in Synergy® (PTFE Membrane Lamination)
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Pulse Jet bags are cylindrical bags hanging vertically in a pulse jet dust collector bag house. The dust collects on the outer surface which is also called dust cake and is cleaned by a high velocity pulse of gas which is released in regular interval. In order for gas to sustain the regular operation of Filtering and cleaning it’s very important to select the right fabric media and design to achieve maximum efficiency. We offer Pulse jet bags in all major fabrics used industry wide making sure it’s suitable for the application and temperature.

IFF is producing Pulse jet bags mainly for all common industries. While producing any bag, IFF is focusing on every detail like Top fixing grove, bottom reinforcement, and bag tubing verticality. Other than this IFF ensures the overall bag fabric / Felt parameters throughout the length.

This in depth working makes the IFF bags performing extra-ordinarily in Process bag houses and helping to keep the bag house parameters as Standard.

Utility boilers, Cement, Carbon and Steel manufacturing units widely use woven glass media, which is suitable to sustain for continuous temperatures of (260°C) along with the capacity to take care of short duration of surge temperatures. To fulfill the demands of high temperature filtration and in case of poor performance of conventional needle felts like PPS and P-84 during higher oxygen and moisture levels in the gas stream, we craft exclusive woven fiber glass filter bags like pulse jet bags of different weight, construction and efficiency. Since, the glass acts as a heat sink, these perfectly carved bags can take care of hot particles without creating holes and easily withstand excess oxygen percentage in flue gases in a boiler application. These bags hold the ability to undergo most rigorous chemical environments and thus prove great value for money.