Tensile Strength testing

IFF provides excellent quality

woven fiberglass filter bags UAE.

Our woven and nonwoven fabric are tested for its tensile test in warp and weft directions.</>
The card is protected in steel coating with enamel paint enclosures as per IP65. The fire-proof enclosure can be provided upon request by IFF. The differential pressure switch can work with sequential timer to operate the system in demand mode from a remote location. A unique combination of DP switch controlled sequential timer is provided for processes with variable load during operation .The cleaning is initiated upon reaching high DP and stopped upon achieving low DP. Woven fiberglass filter bags UAE arrangement saves compressed air and also enhances filter bags’ life. DP switch is not a part of this system.
Tensioning is considered a major factor for the successful operation of filter bags in reverse air bag house while improper tensioning is one of the main causes of bag failure. Excessive tensioning of the bag may cause unnecessary stress to the fabric and sewing thread of the bags due to which typical failure occurs around the cuff and anti collapsible rings whereas insufficient tension causes excessive horizontal movements inducing bag to bag abrasion.

  • As per ISO 9037/ASTM D 5035 testing method woven & nonwoven fabric is tested for its tensile test in warp & weft directions
  • The machine & cross direction fabric strength test results decide life cycle of fabric
  • More the tensile strength longer bag life

IFF provides excellent quality woven fiberglass filter bags in UAE.