Types Filter Media & Finishes

Be it antistatic filter bags India,

Dust Collection Bag Indonesia

or antistatic filter bags Indonesia or even antistatic filter bags UAE, IFF provides all.</>
IFF does not fail to impress when it comes to manufacturing of Dust Collection Bag Indonesia


We offer a variety of filter media for filter bags which are named below :

Polyester Felt Polypropylene Felt Homopolymer Acrylic Felt Antistatic Felts P-84
Aramid PPS Felt PTFE Felt Mixed Felt  

Be it antistatic filter bags India, or antistatic filter bags Indonesia or even antistatic filter bags UAE, IFF provides them all.

Not only this, but IFF does not fail to impress when it comes to manufacturing of Dust Collection Bag Indonesia or producing Dust Collection Bag UAE.


Chemical Resistant

Exclusively devised proprietary finish composed of a special polymer to prevent a chemical attack on the glass filament and PTFE to provide superior abrasion resistance. The finish is resistant to both acid and alkali attack and is strongly recommended for all kinds of filtration applications.

Triple Finish (SGT)

A blend of silicon oils, graphite, and Teflon which helps protect the glass fabric from abrasion. But this finish provides limited protection from few acidic nature gases.

Recommended for cement production and metal foundry applications.

Teflon (B) Finish

More than 10% Teflon PTFE particles encapsulate the glass fibers to prevent abrasion. Since PTFE does not bond to the glass filaments, the fabric remains susceptible to chemical attack by acids or alkalis.

Teflon B finish : Utility base boiler applications.

Acid Resistant Finish

Involves acid resistant polymers, PTFE, graphite and silicon oils to form a covalent bond with molecules on the surface of the glass to work as a shield to avoid chemical attack.

Recommended for industries using Alternative Fuels and flue gases in Industrial utility boilers and acidic conditions such as carbon black.

Various Surface Finishes

Performance of a needle felt under different conditions can be improved by providing it a better surface with the help of different surface finishes.


Singeing is a process which involves passing of the filter medium over an open flame which, as a result, removes the protruding surface fibers. Singeing the collection side of the filter assists in easy dust cake removal.


A finish which provides a smooth surface for excellent cake release properties.


Glaze finish helps close the surface of felt with heat & pressure and reduces the permeability considerably.

Heat Set

Heat Set finish provides a flat surface along with thermal stability.


Liquid Repellant Treatment

Most environments either damage the fibres in felt or blind the areas where fibers come in contact making it hard to clean the off the cakes felt. PTFE based treatment helps improve the chemical resistance by preventing the fibers from getting affected by moisture and helps them remove dust easily.

This finish helps reduce the operating differential pressure drop and replaces the old silicone based treatments with as an improved version.

Acid Resistant Finish

In this finish, the felt is fully immersed in a solution of PTFE where more than 99% of the fiber surface is covered with PTFE resins. After curing felts the acid resistant property faces a tremendous improvement. For heat resistance, the Aramid felts coated with full PTFE bath treatment shows an increase in the life of felts up to 130%.

Foam Coating

There are two types of foam coating, one is Polyurethane (PU) and other is Acrylic Foam Coating. PU coating is termed as superior in terms of abrasion resistance and porous structure to acrylic coatings.

Spark Blocker

Spark blocker is designed to fit-in situations where the bag-life comes to an end with the spark attacks caused in filter bags. To avoid this, a graphite powder is used during PTFE impregnation process & graphite acts as a heat sink and kills the spark immediately before reaching the basic fabric. Spark blocker is valued for its exceptionally conductive properties.

PTFE Coating

PTFE can be applied to Polyester and Homopolymer acrylic felts, PPS, Aramid and P-84®. This surface spray coating improves the temperature resistance and provides cover against harsh filtered chemicals. This coating improves filtration ability and dust release properties.