We craft

industrial filtration felt Spain

bags used for varied applications from fabrics manufactured by expert manufacturers around the world at Iffgroup. “Synergy” membrane lamination plant is in operation first time in India by IFF since 2013. “Synergy” range of filtration media is a composite fabric which thermobond the PTFE membrane with substrate which may be non-woven felt or woven glass fabric which is ultimate solution to achieve highest filtration efficiency especially for sub-micron particles.

At IFF, we craft filter bags used for varied applications from the fabrics manufactured by expert manufacturers around the world. As we all know, application of the chemical finish to the fiberglass fabric prior to the filter bags fabrication results into improved and better performance of fiber glass filter bags with industrial filtration felt Spain. Glass filaments in filtration fabrics get broken through abrasion caused by dust particles or chemical attack from the gas stream in absence of a protective chemical coating. We make use of four proprietary finishes along with selection of right finish to extend the life of filtration media and improve their performance.

These bags which are manufactured to suit every condition and environment are proving themselves profitable to customers and are successfully fulfilling their expectations in chemical, cement, steel, utility boilers, carbon black and Ferro-alloy industries for last several years.