If you are searching for the best

filter bags for hot gas filtration India

UAE or in Indonesia then your should once check IFFGROUP for all your needs.

For reaching maximum filtration efficiency, cake release and durability, it is important to choose a right fabric media and its technical specifications. For which IFF develops products in accordance to the specifications given by the customers. IFF manufactures filter bags ranging from internal grooved Snap band, Integral plain snap band, Integral Rope cuff, Separate rope cuff, Collar type, Ring top, disc bottom and with single and double layer bottom cuff and variety of customized designs as per the requirement of the customers or in accordance with innovative & unique designs and concepts.


Some customers can face difficulty with exposure of bags to high temperature and look to IFF for reliable and error free operation of the filter. We provide perfect solutions, backed by our rich experience in this field.

At IFF, we fabricate quality filter bags for hot gas filtration India at extremely corrosive environments effectively and efficiently. Our focus is on the correct selection of filter media, sewing thread and on superior bag construction.


There is a greater risk of explosion caused by a spark during the process of filtration of flammable and explosive powders. There is a chance of building up of static charges on the dust cake and filter media which may result in a severe explosion. To avoid these static charges and provide the filters with good antistatic properties, we mix proportionately conductive fiber elements while manufacturing nonwoven fabric. A proper care must be taken to ensure that cage and support housing are properly earthed. Stainless steel fibers and carbon coated fiber blends are proven & most suitable ways to add during manufacturing filter media for anti-static & spark blocking properties.

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