Specially developed designs and sizes of J-Hooks, D-caps and spring assemblies manufactured by IFF work best for all designs of

RABH bags for India.


Venturies help improve the cleaning efficiency of pulse jet bag filters. At IFF, we offer our customers a wide variety of venturies made from carbon steel, stainless steel, Cast aluminum, Spun Aluminum and cast iron to assist them in top and bottom cages removal.


When we talk about pulse valve, it consists of only one moving part- Diaphragm. Solenoid valve is a uniquely designed spring-less make which facilitates an easy opening and closing of the valve. High-speed operation in the valve helps the shock air wave dislodge the dust from filter bags. Rigorous flow, long life and faster diaphragm action and economical operation. Double diaphragm offers some advantages over single diaphragm valves. Valves are available with various control voltages rating 24V DC/110V AC/230V AV etc.

At IFF you will find integral as well as remote solenoid valves which are mounted on a separate enclosure. We offer pulse valves in sizes- 3/4″, 1″, 1½” and 2″, according to customer’s requirements.

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Sequential controller offered by IFF provides a time sequential energization of pilot solenoid valve which is being used in the pulse value assembly. To start and stop the controller two independent methods are provided and the number of sequenced steps can be easily adjusted from 2 to 10 along with the length of time between valves (pulse frequency) and next valve is energized according to pulse duration.

Implementation of first method stops the sequence and reset the controller to the first valve position whenever AC power is removed and then reconnected. In the second method, a remote control is used to connect to the terminals and when this connection is opened the sequence automatically stops and when the remote contact is reclosed the same sequences continues and eliminates repeated cleaning of filter bags.

The card is protected in steel coating with enamel paint enclosures as per IP65. The fire-proof enclosure can be provided upon request by IFF. The differential pressure switch can work with sequential timer to operate the system in demand mode from a remote location. A unique combination of DP switch controlled sequential timer is provided for processes with variable load during operation .The cleaning is initiated upon reaching high DP and stopped upon achieving low DP .This arrangement saves compressed air and also enhances filter bags’ life. DP switch is not a part of this system.



Specially developed designs and sizes of J-Hooks, D-caps and spring assemblies manufactured by IFF work best for all designs of RABH bags. IFF manufactures RABH Bags for India, RABH Bags for Indonesia as well as RABH Bags for UAE. Springs developed by IFF are made up of 17-7PH stainless steel, which is used in moderate to high temperature applications. Various types of springs are offered including -linear, non-linear, single conical and double conical springs. Quick release clamps are also available for quick fixation of filter bags. This reduces down the time required during the bag change-outs.

These accessories are available in various sizes between 50 mm to 315 mm. They are made up of stainless steel, which helps reducing the chances of corrosion.


Tensioning is considered a major factor for the successful operation of filter bags in reverse air bag house while improper tensioning is one of the main causes of bag failure. Excessive tensioning of the bag may cause unnecessary stress to the fabric and sewing thread of the bags due to which typical failure occurs around the cuff and anti collapsible rings whereas insufficient tension causes excessive horizontal movements inducing bag to bag abrasion.

Pneumatic Tensioning Tool is a precision tensioning device that provides accurate and consistent bag tensioning. Equal and adequate tension is applied to all bags maintaining uniformity. Tensioning of filter bags vary from 50 to 75 per square inch pounds depending on the diameter of filter bags.


Fluorescent powder leak detection test is conducted to detect, dust leaks, cracks, tears or holes within the Baghouse system. This is carried out by the use of Fluorescent powder, a non-toxic tracer which is reactant to ultra-violet rays. This powder is light weight and glows under the monochromatic light. When it is injected into the inlet duct, it follows the path of least resistance identifying any leaking areas on the clean air side. Monochromatic light lamp is then used to locate the exact pin point of leak.