IFF produces airslide fabrics according to the special demands of customers like

laminated filter bags in India

, bags for Indonesia for UAE as well.


IFF is involved in manufacturing and supply of best quality Airslide fabrics that are used for pneumatic conveying for free flowing powder and granulate bulk materials. Various textiles and yarns are used in Airslide fabrics. This enables us to offer the Customers different fabrics with feature like various thicknesses, air permeability, tensile strength & heat resistance.

Airslide fabrics are perfect to be implemented in industries like –

Cement Aluminum, Chalk and Gypsum Power plants (Fly ash disposal)
Pharmaceutical Chemical Food/biscuits



Air slide Fabrics are available in three varieties divided into thickness ranging from 1 mm to 12 mm & customized width suitable according to the customer needs.

Polyester based Airslide fabrics : These filter fabrics are solid woven with filament polyester in warp and spun polyester in weft.

Polyamide or Nylon based Airslide fabrics : These fabrics are solid woven with nylon in warp and polyester spun in weft.

Cotton based Airslide Fabrics : Cotton is used in both warp and weft in these solid woven cloth fabrics.


IFF focuses on manufacturing of Airslide fabrics by using only highest quality raw materials – selected high strength polyester & cotton fibers. They are also produced according to the special demands of our customers. IFF produces laminated filter bags in India, laminated filter bags for Indonesia and laminated filter bags for UAE as well.

  • Uniform and best quality raw synthetic materials used in weaving process
  • Full synthetic smooth fibers- 100% Polyester multi-filament fabric
  • Smooth weave and even pores – High strength and temperature treated fibers

The weave structure of Airslide fibers results in:

  • High tension weaving
  • Robust & stable weave
  • High weight per M²

The choice of suitable fabrics for special applications can be customized by:

  • Type of equipments
  • Type of bulk material, moisture content of the bulk material, particle size, temperature and Environmental influences like outdoor temperature and humidity.