Non-Woven Filtration Felt Poland

and Saudi Arabia the quality has acted catalyst of excellence and control is focused for products that goes out of premises </>
IFF Nonwovens is capable of processing almost every type of best quality fibers ranging from Polyester, Viscose, >Non-Woven Filtration Felt Poland Polypropylene, Homopolymer & Co-polymer acrylic, Polyphenylene sulphide, Meta-aramid , Polyimide, Polyamide , blends with steel fiber etc without or with a scrim in grammages ranging up to 850 gsm accompanying various treatments. IFF proactively planned to meet these challenges and set up world-class membrane lamination plant. IFF has decided to change the total scenario by replacing conventional felt media by membrane laminated filter bags.

Quality has acted as a catalyst of excellence for IFF Nonwovens. Ability to manufacture quality products has been tested across diversified fields to uphold the quality assurance phenomenon for the coming generations. This can be seen in the Non-woven Filtration Felt for Poland. Achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification on the basis of consistent quality has fetched IFF Nonwovens a long-lasting customer relationship. We also provide best quality Non-woven Filtration Felt for Saudi Arabia.

Quality control is being focused by IFF regarding each and every product that goes out of its premises. Quality control begins right from the acquiring of raw material to manufacturing the final product. The expert team of quality control takes full charge on closely monitoring the quality attributes at every step to ensure that the product meets quality standards. This results in the production of our best products like Non-woven technical felt for Industrial Filtration in Spain.