IFF Nonwovens is capable of processing almost every type of best quality fibers with

PTFE Membrane Lamination Spain

including Russia, Saudi Arabia and other </>
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A use of conventional filter media filter bags is having constraints considering stringent pollution control norms, day by day. IFF proactively planned to meet these challenges and set up world-class membrane lamination plant. IFF has decided to change the total scenario by replacing conventional felt media by membrane laminated filter bags. This is backed up by robust process control and stringent quality procedures.
Additionally, this facility offers technically laminated products based on EPTFE membrane technology.

IFF Nonwovens is capable of processing almost every type of best quality fibers ranging from Polyester, Viscose, Polypropylene, Homopolymer & Co-polymer acrylic, Polyphenylene sulphide, Meta-aramid , Polyimide, Polyamide , blends with steel fiber etc without or with scrim in grammages ranging upto 850 gsm accompanying various treatments as given below:-

Thermal Chemical
Heat-setting Oil & water repellant
Calendering Flame retardant
Singeing Acid resistant
Glazing Silicone

IFF proudly provides PTFE Membrane Lamination in Spain as well as PTFE Membrane Lamination in Russia.