IFF conducts regular training to polish skills and utilize potential to face the upcoming challenges and fulfill commitments of

non woven filtration felt.

Industrial Filters and Fabrics Pvt Ltd has two Non-woven Manufacturing Facilities strategically placed to increase IFF’s global footprint. The two plants allow the broadest range of Filter media products to be offered to our customers. We provide outstanding quality of non woven fluidizing cloth Poland.
Based near Pretoria this facility manufactures non woven filtration felt and specialist engineered non-woven materials for both Dry and Liquid filter applications. Specialist equipment allows the manufacture of high quality surface treatment effects for micro particle filtration

The Nonwoven experts with years of sound experience and deep understanding of the products have been the strength of IFF Nonwovens and have gained it a distinguished identity. IFF Nonwovens works with hard efforts put by dedicated professionals and technical experts who share their expertise to help IFF Nonwovens achieve world-class quality.

Efficient professionals, who could handle the advanced machineries, understand the maintenance essentials of equipments and hold a deep insight about the process parameters and quality control processes are treasure to any organization and IFF Nonwovens is fortunate to host a team of such talented and proficient team of experts.

In order to nourish the potential of these individuals, IFF conducts regular training sessions to polish their skills and utilize their potential to face the upcoming challenges and fulfill the commitments of non woven filtration felt.