Non woven fluidizing cloth Poland

and Russia manufacturing facilities strategically placed to increase PTFE Membrane Lamination from IFF’s global footprint.</>
IFF is involved in manufacturing and supply of best quality Airslide fabrics that are used for pneumatic conveying for free flowing powder and granulated bulk materials. Various textiles and yarns are used in Airslide fabrics. This enables us to offer the Customers different fabrics with feature like various thicknesses, air permeability, tensile strength & heat resistance.

Industrial Filters and Fabrics Pvt Ltd has two Non-woven Manufacturing Facilities strategically placed to increase IFF’s global footprint. The two plants allow the broadest range of Filter media products to be offered to our customers. We provide outstanding quality of nonwoven fluidizing cloth in Poland.

Manglia Plant – India Facility

Based in Central India this facility manufactures specialist engineered non-woven materials produced on ‘state of the art’ equipment using the highest quality raw materials. This is backed up by robust process control and stringent quality procedures.
Additionally, this facility offers technically laminated products based on EPTFE membrane technology. We manufacture PTFE Membrane Lamination for Poland.

Filtafelt Pty Ltd – South Africa Facility

Based near Pretoria this facility manufactures specialist engineered non-woven materials for both Dry and Liquid filter applications. Specialist equipment allows the manufacture of high quality surface treatment effects for micro particle filtration.

Both facilities are operated by highly motivated and technically competent teams with considerable knowledge of non-woven manufacture.