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When we talk about pulse valve, it consists of only one moving part- Diaphragm. The solenoid valve is a uniquely designed spring-less make which facilitates an easy opening and closing of the valve. High-speed operation in the valve helps the shock air wave dislodge the dust from filter bags baghouse leak detection powder Russia. Rigorous flow, long life and faster diaphragm action and economical operation. Double diaphragm offers some advantages over single diaphragm valves.
There is a chance of building up of static charges on the dust cake and filter media which may result in a severe explosion. To avoid these static charges and provide the filters with good antistatic properties, we mix proportionately conductive fiber elements while manufacturing nonwoven fabric. A proper care must be taken to ensure that cage and support housing is properly earthed.
This is carried out by the use of Fluorescent powder, a non-toxic tracer which is reactant to ultra-violet rays. This powder is light weight and glows under the monochromatic light. When it is injected into the inlet duct, it follows the path of least resistance identifying any leaking areas on the clean air side. The monochromatic light lamp is then used to locate the exact pin point of the leak.