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polyester based airslide fabrics Egypt

and have great reviews for both Woven Non Woven Fabrics and Filters </>
Various textiles and yarns are used in polyester based airslide fabrics Egypt. This enables us to offer the Customers different fabrics with feature like various thicknesses, air permeability, tensile strength & heat resistance.
The weave structure of Airslide fibers results in:
* High tension weaving
* Robust & stable weave
* High weight per M²
The choice of suitable fabrics for special applications can be customized by:-
* Type of equipments
* Type of bulk material, moisture content of the bulk material, particle size, temperature and Environmental influences like outdoor temperature and humidity. Various textiles and yarns are used in polyester based airslide fabrics Egypt.
Fluorescent powder leak detection test is conducted to detect, dust leaks, cracks, tears or holes within the Baghouse system. This is carried out by the use of Fluorescent powder, a non-toxic tracer which is reactant to ultra-violet rays. This leak detection system effectively and easily pinpoints leaks in bags and eliminates the need for time-consuming each & every bag checking.
IFF was the first filter bag and cage manufacturing company in India to hold ISO certification and has since strived to continually improve its products and services beyond the level of ISO accreditation. Quality assurance has always been a motivator to IFF in bringing itself to the next better level of offering quality products to the customers…


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