A positive pressure in kg/cm2 is applied to fabric and

bag filters India

for the test to conduct a destructive test on the fabric which is withstand checked </>
Our power-packed set of machinery performs their level best when it comes to processing fiber types, fiber deniers and fabric weights ranging even up to 850 gsm. We provide bag filters India with different surface treatments such as singeing, calendaring, glazing. Advanced chemical treatment facilities assist us in an enhancement of fabric properties with the help of oil and water repellency, flame retardancy, silicone finish, spark blocker finish etc. Expertise in a lamination of various membranes/films to the needle-punched fabrics distinguishes IFF Nonwovens from other manufacturers.
IFF focuses on manufacturing of Airslide fabrics by using only highest quality raw materials – selected high strength polyester & cotton fibers. They are also produced according to the special demands of our customers.

* Uniform and best quality raw synthetic materials used in weaving process
* Full synthetic smooth fibers- 100% Polyester multi-filament fabric
* Smooth weave and even pores – High strength and temperature treated fibers

Various textiles and yarns are used in Airslide fabrics. This enables us to offer the Customers different fabrics with feature like various thicknesses, air permeability, tensile strength & heat resistance.

  • Under this testing, which is conducted as per IS 7016/ASTM D 3786
  • Nonwoven or woven fabric, at what sudden point pressure, fabric can withstand is checked.
  • A positive pressure in kg/cm2 is applied on fabric & test is conducted as a destructive test on fabric

IFF does an excellent job in manufacturing tested and quality Bag Filters for India.